OXALA Semiramida Gardens

Contemporary cities convert themselves into deserts such as ancient Babylon, reigned by concrete, metal and glass that are present everywhere. In order to prevent the phenomena, the KVP Project Investment Team under the management of arch. Aleksanedr Mirek has elaborate a unique project called “OXALA” Garden Walls. It refers to the use of vegetative facades in architecture and the construction as a pro-ecological form of organic recycling that leads to balancing of the development of cities and contemplates the use of the interiors of vertical walls as greenhouse panels for agricultural production in micro and macro scale. One of many favorable social, economic and environmental effects of the project are, among others: the use of rainwater and reduction of the quantity of wastewater, improvement of the quality of air humidity in urban agglomerations, change of the aesthetics of the buildings to the pro-ecological and on the change of the conscience Of the building user. "OXALA" Project in the current phase is being analyzed within the framework of the Operational Programme Innovative Economy in the Priority Research and Development of Modern Technologies. The cost of investigation works is estimated at the level of 34 million of PLN and will be partially covered by KVP team.





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