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Laboratories and High Technology Facilities

Air Force Institute of Technology


The Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team has prepared a design of laboratories of the Research and Development Division of the Air Force Institute of Technology in Warsaw. The mission of the Institute is the research assistance for the purposes of aviation technology.

The research - administrative building suits the needs of the Division of Propellants and Greases. The newly designed laboratories are adapted for the studies on liquid fuels and exploitation liquids used in air, land and sea transport.

One-storey part of the building contains almost all laboratories of Working Liquids Laboratory, auxiliary rooms as well as offices for staff directly involved in the work of particular research departments.

On the first floor of the two-storey wing there are laboratories of Liquid Fuels Laboratory along with the storage of samples, scullery and samples basin.

Laboratories will be equipped in the installation of gases such as: acetylene, argon, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, helium, oxygen, hydrogen, synthetic air and compressed air. These installations are used to supply specialist appliances, such as, among others, chromatographs and spectrometers and will be ended with wall and table gas takeoff points.

The ground floor of the two-storey building is designed for offices and sanitary facilities. In south-east corner a small conference room will be provided.

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