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Laboratories and High Technology Facilities

Medical laboratories Adamed in Warsaw



Adamed, a leading pharmaceutical company has commissioned the Kontrapunkt team to complete the project of the conversion of the already existing depot hall into premises with laboratory facilities, as well as office, training and conference rooms.

The building which has been designed by the Kontrapunkt team has been divided into three separate functional areas: laboratory, office, and training and conference areas.

The perspicuous layout of the building has been secured by the direct access from the main reception area to the training and conference area, the administrative and the laboratory areas.

The comprehensive conference facilities satisfy all requirements of a professional business meetings venue. The amenities include a conference room with a capacity of 100 people, banqueting hall, catering facilities, foyer, meeting room and a cloakroom.

The ergonomics of the conference area is furthermore emphasised by the implementation of movable walls, which enable the merging of the conference room and the banqueting hall and the separation of the meeting room.

The laboratory area has been laid out according to the nature of research completed there, according to investor’s directives. It has been divided into two areas: laboratory space and manufacturing space. They have been separated by two gates, one for goods and the other for people.

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