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Hospitals and Health Care



In the framework of the investment project under the name of "Improvement of the healthcare services standards and epidemiological safety in the transborder zone of the European Union” Kontrapunkt Medic Team, under the management of Arch. Piotr Salwa has completed a project that encompasses the extension of the Provincial Complex of the Specialist Hospital in Biala Podlaska by three new buildings.

In the new building of the Didactical and Administration Centre a rehabilitation clinic and a hotel for patients and their families has been located. The Building of the Centre of Infectious and Pulmonology Diseases will be erected in a spot where there used to be a partially demolished technical and utility building. The new hemodialysis center, the complex of specialized outpatient clinics, Cardiology Ward and Rehabilitation Ward have been located in the extended wing of 1D hospital. Due to a close location to the medical helicopter landing ground, the newly designed objects were agreed upon with the representatives of the Air Ambulance Service in terms of height and detailed location.

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