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Hospitals and Health Care

Św. Ludwik Hospital for Infants in Krakow


The Kontrapunkt team is preparing an inventory as well as construction works project for the Św. Ludwik Voivodship Specialist Hospital for Infants in Krakow.

The Św. Ludwik Hospital is the oldest hospital for infants in Krakow and one of the three oldest in Europe. It was built in 1876; therefore all works are being supervised by the gouvernmental body for the conservation of heritage.

The investment assignment lays down the plan for a general overhaul, conversion of the attic into floor space and the adjustment of the hospital rooms to the existing regulations.

5 wards will come into existence:

- a ward for younger children

- a ward for older children

- rapid diagnostics

- pulmoangiography

- allergology

Apart from these facilities, there will be an analytical laboratory and rehabilitation ward (for patients from the hospital, as well as from outside the hospital. The hospital will have the capacity for 90 beds.

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