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Laboratories and High Technology Facilities

The Małopolska Biotechnology Centre of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow


The Kontrapunkt team has developed a functional and utilitarian investment plan for the construction of the the Małopolska Biotechnology Centre.

The establishment of the the Małopolska Biotechnology Centre is a project of Krakow’s biggest higher education institutions to establish a common science-research and development centre, enabling the carrying out of complex research on different levels of organism functioning.

The following research centres are going to be located in the MCB:

- Centre for Structural Biology

- Centre for Bioredemdation

- Centre for Bioinformatics

- Centre for Biotechnology and Food Safety

- Centre for Neurobiology

- Centre for Genetics Research

- Centre for Nutrigenomics

The building of the Małopolska Biotechnology Centre will be erected on the III UJ Campus on 7, Gronostajowa Street.

The project fulfills the requirements of the GLP certificate (Good Laboratory Practice, as well as the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice). The architectonic concept implies the erection of an ultramodern building, distinguishing itself from the other buildings on the campus. Particular attention should be paid to the central lighting space. Filled with cables, channels, connections and arteries, the installation is inspired by the essence of organic biotechnology.

The building of the Małopolska Biotechnology Centre will be erected on the III UJ Campus on 7,Gronostajowa Street.

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