Completed design of EIT+ in numbers

The detailed design of the Research and Innovation Unit of the Lower Silesian Center for Materials and Biomaterials at the Pracze Odrzańskie Research Complex, completed in December by the Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team, weighed 1018 kg of paper. It is almost 23 thousand square meters of usable area that will be built, following the order of the EIT+ Wrocław Research Center. The total surface of the developed area is almost 3 hectares (27 thousand 590 square meters).In three high-tech buildings, unique laboratories at the Polish scale were designed. The builiding no.7 (designed under the managment of Louay Farah) will host, among others, The Workshop of Performs and Fiber Technologies or The Workshop of Laser ang Optic Fibers Amplifiers, whereas the bulding no.9 (supervised by Lucyna Serafin)  - microbiological laboratories in in the BSL-3 biolosafety level and in trhe bulding no.9a (for which Miłosz Sanetra is responsible), the Laboratory for the Nanostructures of Semiconductors will be situated.





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