Let's meet at the Rotunda

The Warsaw Rotunda is one of the most characteristic buildings on the map of the capital. Spółka artystyczna mirek i ostrowski and KVP, form a consortium that has undertaken the task of its revitalization in the contest announced by the National Bank of Poland. The second prize was won by the design, combining the symbol of strongbox that guarantees safety and high-tech connected with modern solutions, so vital in today's world. The stratification of the external elevation will reflect the former and the current function of the seat of the bank. However, the designers assume a slight intervention in the tissue of the city and do not esteem introducing drastic changes in the object situated on the crossing of the Warsaw's main pedestrian tracks, such as contradicting its form or demolishing. Rotunda is a modern element that wreathes and complements the urban sequence of the Eastern Border, concise architectonic assumptions, including Centrum Shopping Galleries or Pasaż Wiecha, and as such, is the unquestionable advantage of the capital. The main architectonic concept that the autors, Aleksander Mirek and Piotr Ostrowski had, was to return to the city a place, when it's the third generation of the inhabitanst of Warsaw that meets there. No without the reason has the expression come into the daily language Let's meet at the Rotunda. The design establish building with a glazed canopy roof over the square in front of the seat if the bank, wich will prevent from rain or snow. The atrractiveness of the place will be undoubtly higher by installing on the premises belonging to NBP, an automatic bike rent room.











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