First Family-type Children’s Homes are already finished!

Family-type Children’s Homes in Warsaw. Designed by Kontrapunkt V-Projekt are waiting for their first occupants. Last Friday, the investor’s representative, Mr. Tomasz Gała, acting as the Deputy Investment Director of the Property Board of the Capital City of Warsaw, Aleksander Mirek, General Manager of the Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team and Arch. Miłosz Sanetra, leading designer of the family-type children’s homes, visited the houses situated at Kontuszowa and Szczotkarska Streets. During the final inspection, all finishing works were revised and suggested equivalent solutions were adopted. Family-type Children's Homes are to serve a group of 10 children and 2 carers. The homes are to reflect the character of a typical Polish family home and have been adapted to the disabled' needs. The objects use modern energy-saving solutions, such as mechanical ventilation system with highly efficent heat recuperation, additional thermal insulation, ant tape sealing of thermal bridges as well as a series of solutions taken from a passive house technology. 




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