Changes in the Central Veterans Hospital in Łódź.

Under the supervision of architect EwaDobrucka, theKontrapunkt Medic Team has developed the conceptual design of a new segment of the University Teaching Hospital named after Military Medical Academy, of the Medical University in Łódź –the Central Veterans Hospital. The hospital, built in 1937 according to the design of StanisławOdyniec-Doborowolski, being an example of meticulous modern architecture of the period between the WW1 and WW2, at the time of its inauguration, was one of the most modern and the biggest health service institutions in Europe. Presently, on the perimeter of the Central Veterans Hospital there are 21 clinics, 6 diagnostic centers and more than 30 specialist outpatient clinics. The concept prepared by Kontrapunkt Medic involves the construction of a new segment of the hospital in the courtyard, on the western side. In the new facility, linked with an existing building, there will be central operating ward with eight operating rooms, new intensive care unit, and extensive areas of central sterilization. Kontrapunkt Medic has also prepared the design for rebuilding and expanding the ground floor of the hospital, the Admission Room, the Emergency Department and changing rooms.

The leading idea was to inscribe the building in the existing tissue of the hospital, using the values of the land and the skillful combination of the new building with the existing infrastructure with minimal intervention in the architectonic and urban planning arrangement.



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