Designed by the Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team, Sedum Apartment Building was erected in Warsaw on the crossing of Białostocka and Grodzieńska Streets. This amenity-council apartment building arouses many controversies due to its image, as in the opinion of the neighboring inhabitants, some officials and clerks, it is too elegant. A five-storey complex, connected with an underground parking was very carefully and meticulously designed, considering all details such as brass plates with the name of the building and the drawing of the sedum, herbs pots in the windows and on the balconies, or a stained glass framing with the image of the Mother of God, placed inside the staircase. Its architecture recalls the architectonic traditions of the right-sided Warsaw and refers to classical modernism of the between the two Wars' period.Due to these reasons, many private customers have been interested in the possibility of buying a flat in the Sedum Apartment Building, wich of course, is impossible. This is because the building has been designed for amenity purposes. The general designer, Arch. Aleksander Mirek heads off the accusations of excessive financial extravagance and elegance, all apartments have been designed and completed in the lowest standard. The external facade of the investment project, in turn, belongs to the general urban space; therefore, it should represent a high architectonic level, because it serves all inhabitants of the capital. We wish Warsaw to future amenity investments on equally high level.


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