From the 19th till the 23rd of the September 2006 The Kontrapunkt Team has conducted negotiations with The Ministry of Tourism in Libya regarding a restoration of the old town in Trypolis and an architectural fence of an excavations in the Subrata city

During the conversations had been agreed that till the end of the year 2006 D.I.T Kontrapunkt opens its agency
in Trypolis which will be also representing at the same time the
consortium of Polish design, investment and preservation companies in People’s Arabic Republic of Libya.

Coming into being Agency will be managed by an architect engineer Louay Farah – director of the Agency
and an architect engineer Kaleb ( Karol ) Masur.

Curently Kontrapunkt is in the course of action to formally create the Kontrapunkt Agency in Libya.

In the photo appears, from the left side:

mgr. inz. arch. Louay Farah – director of the Kontrapunkt Agency in Libya

dr Giuma M. Anag- director of the Archeology Faculty of The Ministry of Tourism in Libya

dr. Rafal Szambelan – registrar in the Intercollegiate Institute of Preservation and Renovation of art works at Warsaw University

mgr.inz. arch. Aleksander Mirek – Kontrapunkt General Manager& Architect

mgr.inz. Tadeusz Wolek – Inventim Ltd. General Manager





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