Warsaw City Hall has issued the environment approval for spatial planning and development concept called under the name of Porta Varsovia, developed by the Kontrapunkt V-Project Investment Team in collaboration with Piotr Ostrowski. This is the first step towards obtaining a planning permission. Varsovia Porta is a complex of two buildings, which are to be erected in the center of the capital city of Poland, between the streets Nowogrodzka, Wspólna and Emilia Plater. Their architectural form is based on the contrast between the black facade, made of raw concrete and a glass structure of the other three walls of each building. The skyscrapers have a rectangular shape and are interconnected strands of carbon fiber. The facade is "riddled", the resulting holes relate to the history and symbolize the insurgent bullet marks visible on the fence at the nearby church of St. Peter and Paul.As the height of Porta Varsovia ascends, the number of floors descends giving the impression of a light structure wich is boosted by the introduction of changes in the structure of glass walls, from the opacity to transparency. The total usable area of the two objects, provided for the purposesof the office and services, is approximately133.620 square meters.


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